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Get Reports and Alerts from GitHub and Jira

On our platform, you can connect your Github and Jira accounts to access a diverse range of metrics. Utilize these metrics to configure Leaderboards, Dashboards, Slack Alerts and Reports.


Our Clients Say

Using StratGeek’s Leaderboard has transformed how we engage and motivate our team. The configurability provided by StratGeek has helped us experiment and find the right metrics for our use case. Their aggregated view of weekly reports has helped consolidate information and gamify tasks for our team.


- Prasanna Sankar,  Co-Founder of Rippling, 0xPPL



Improve team performance with dynamic leaderboards and personalized formulas. Let's gamify your journey.


Custom Dashboards

Create your personalized dashboards by selecting from a diverse range of metrics that align with your objectives.

Career Growth plans

Plan, track, and achieve career goals with ease using StratGeek Dashboard. Simplify 1:1s and appraisals with our metrics!

Schedule Reports and Alerts

Schedule Reports and Alerts

Schedule reports and alerts from a diverse range of metrics to be delivered to your Slack or email.

Product Demo Video

Explore Our Product with Sample Data – No Account Needed!

Why us?

Build more with less without overloading.

Cut meeting time with better visibility.

Metric driven project decisions.

Boost your impact in Leadership meetings.

Tailored Career Plans - Happy Team.

  • How does StratGeek improve product development?
    StratGeek boosts visibility into your software development cycle, offering tailored optimization suggestions aligned with your goals.
  • How does StratGeek differ from traditional project management tools?
    While project management tools track project tasks across stakeholders, StratGeek offers optimization insights by analyzing data from your project management and code versioning systems.
  • How does StratGeek stand out from existing reports on Jira and GitHub?
    StratGeek recognizes that every team and company has unique coding styles and collaboration methods. We tailor metrics and goals for each team, ensuring flexibility and alignment with evolving objectives.
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