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StratGeek: Tech Strategy Implementation

In our previous blog, we delved into the diverse graphs and tables that provide in-depth analyses on GitHub and Jira. Now, let's take a hands-on approach and explore how product leaders can implement tech strategies using our powerful tool - Strategy Hub.

Instant Strategy Dashboards in 3 Simple Steps

1. Define Your Goal:

  • Enter your goal and share it with your team members, who will collaborate with you on achieving it.

2. Select Metrics and Graphs:

  • Choose from various metrics, graphs, and Actionable Insights tailored to your specific goal.

3. Preview and Publish:

  • Preview your strategy dashboard with prefilled dummy data to ensure it aligns with your objectives. Once satisfied, publish your changes.

Once your strategy is created, access it anytime from your dashboard. Dive into relevant metrics to identify patterns and anomalies. Leverage our actionable insights to make informed decisions and implement necessary changes.

Strategy Dashboard

Sample Tech Strategies to Implement

GitHub Analysis Strategies

Code Evolution Insights

  • Analyze Individual Code Contributions and Line Changes for a deep understanding of the codebase's evolution.

  • Examine Sprint Wise and Individual Line Contributions to spot trends in code evolution.

Code Stability Enhancement

  • Identify areas for improving code stability by analyzing code additions and deletions.

Developer Productivity

  • Gauge developer productivity and contribution patterns by analyzing commits, file contributions, and more.

Efficient Code Review

  • Optimize the code review process using PR Creation and Review Breakdown.

  • Perform in-depth PR Analysis to identify trends and areas for improvement.

Collaboration Enhancement

  • Explore PR Comment Distribution and Individual PR Comment Breakdown for effective collaboration.

  • Keep track of Stale Unresolved PRs and Recently Opened PRs for timely code integration.

Jira Analysis Strategies

Development Cycle Monitoring

  • Monitor the overall progress of development cycles by tracking Sprint Completion Trend.

Efficiency Assessment

  • Understand team members' efficiency by analyzing Individual Task Completion Rates.

Resource Allocation

  • Ensure a balanced workload by Visualizing Workload Distribution.

  • Gain insights into Task Distribution by Priority and Type for effective resource allocation.

Project Timeline Management

  • Proactively manage project timelines by identifying Tasks Above the Due Date and Tasks Without Timeline.

Release Process Optimization

  • Achieve a smooth release process by Monitoring Sprint Deployment Trends and Individual Deployments.

Reports and Alerts Strategies

Team Communication

  • Utilize the Newsletter widget for effective team communication, sharing important updates and achievements.

Proactive Issue Resolution

  • Set up Alerts to stay informed about critical events, ensuring proactive issue resolution and timely action.

To explore the full potential of StratGeek and discover different available metrics, please contact us.

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