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StratGeek Story

In the fast-paced world of tech and business, the need for strategic decision-making has never been more critical. Whether diving into marketing strategies or leading in software development, challenges are varied and require data-backed decisions. This is the story of why we embarked on the journey to build StratGeek, a tool designed to revolutionize the way product leaders approach strategy and execution.


Identifying Gaps

As entrepreneurs, we recognized that for optimizing marketing and sales pipelines, there are a lot of options to choose from based on the goal being targeted, ranging from lead generation, efficient sales pipeline, customer onboarding and support. However, a significant gap existed when it came to improving the intricate processes of software development. The manual effort required to sift through the myriad of tickets, pull requests, code contributions, commits, bugs, and feature requests was time-consuming and prone to overlooking critical patterns and anomalies.

The Data Dilemma

With the growth of a team, the data associated with software development escalated exponentially. This data, fragmented across various platforms, lost its cohesion, making it challenging for leaders at higher hierarchical levels to understand their teams' dynamics comprehensively. This realization became the catalyst for the birth of StratGeek.

StratGeek's Mission

Our mission with StratGeek was clear — to provide a comprehensive solution that identified patterns and facilitated the seamless implementation of technical strategies. We aimed to empower product leaders with a tool that harnessed a wide variety of metrics, graphs, and widgets from various version control systems like GitHub and project management tools like Jira.

From Insights to Action

StratGeek is not just about presenting data; it's about translating that data into actionable insights. For product leaders steering companies through scaling phases, our platform alleviates the burden of manually deciphering alerts, anomalies, and reports. Your time is better spent devising strategies, and StratGeek is here to ensure you get the right reports to execute those strategies effectively.

In the world of StratGeek, data is not just numbers; it's the key to unlocking strategic excellence. Our journey began with a vision to bridge the gaps in strategy execution for software development leaders. Today, we invite you to join us in this transformative experience. Schedule a demo and discover how StratGeek can be the catalyst for your next phase of strategic success.

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